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RogueKnight aLeaderOfficer posted Jan 28, 14
Important: Please update your availability and progression frequently in this forum thread.

08/04/2014 - Changes...

Over time the make up of our FC has gone through many changes. At our height we had over 150 active members with 30+ concurrent online at any given time.  We boasted 5 static coil raid groups and ran CT with full 24 man teams on several occasions.

It's unfortunate, but those days are behind us.   We seen many come and go but our first huge blow came at the end of 2.1. Raids were getting stale, progress grew frustrating and we lost a few solid members. 2.2 did not ignite fires as it should have and despite some efforts to get raid teams going again we suffered badly from consistency issues with schedules and people showing up for raids. 

With 2.3 we've lost a few more active members and my desire to form raid groups and time available can't sustain an active membership to keep runs going.  I am by no means quitting the game but as evident in recent weeks won't be on or active enough to maintain runs. Hunts have made getting PF groups together a struggle. So though I would love to get Ramuh going as well as Second Coil runs, I'm afraid I won't get organizing any sort of static or weekly scheduled runs. 

I'd hate to lose membership but in truth I know I'm not committed and active enough in FFXIV to maintain activity to levels that many of you are looking for.  If you do choose to leave the FC, there's no hard feelings and I completely understand. For those of you who choose to stay we still maintain a friendly, helpful and casual environment. And it's not to say we won't try and get runs going. I'm just not certain when and how soon those will happen.

Any questions or concerns, please reach out to me and I will be happy to answer them.

***Make sure to add your FFXIV character to your profile, you won't show up as a member until you do!***

~ Big thanks to those of you who have signed up and created your character on your profile ~
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