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RogueKnight aLeaderOfficer posted Jan 28, 14
04/10/2014 - Rolling with the punches


Time will tell if 2.2 provides enough content to hold peoples interest but for now we will persevere and continue to enjoy the game.

Those XM primals aren't going to kill themselves! Gear up and study up and let's get you guys through it! I wanna start making a big push to finish off Turn 5 next week and I don't see the point in making that effort if we can't get you through Titan and Ifrit XM.

***Make sure to add your FFXIV character to your profile, you won't show up as a member until you do!***

~ Big thanks to those of you who have signed up and created your character on your profile ~
Jun Yuu aOfficer LOL that's an awesome gif, Kyr! http://oyster.ignimgs.com/wordpress/write.ign.com/64684/2014/04/RaCoon.gif ...
Conos Member Thanks gang! And grats tp Kyr too on gloves!
Sable Shadowborn OfficerOfficer Rofl. That video makes it look so easy! Yes, memorizing the rotation is 50% of the battle, maybe a bit more. Having qui ...
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Happy 4/20! Oh yeah and Easter!!!
Man..Lodestone blows now. Hasn't updated for me in weeks it feels like.
brd up to 91 and sch up to 83, damn gearing is getting boring
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