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RogueKnight aLeaderOfficer posted Jan 28, 14
08/20/2014 - Thank you!!
It's with a sad heart that I call an end to the FC Darkspell. My lack of interest in FFXIV over the recent months has lead to a stale and dead-in-the-water FC. I hate to see people go but without active leadership I wouldn't want people who are still interested in playing not to move on. It has been a fun year and I greatly enjoyed playing with all of you. We've had a great many ups and downs but the overall experience was awesome.  For those of you NOT on FB who wish to keep in touch please shoot me an email dark.spell@outlook.com

I wish everyone the best!
Jun Yuu Officer LOL that's an awesome gif, Kyr! http://oyster.ignimgs.com/wordpress/write.ign.com/64684/2014/04/RaCoon.gif ...
Conos Member Thanks gang! And grats tp Kyr too on gloves!
Sable Shadowborn OfficerOfficer Rofl. That video makes it look so easy! Yes, memorizing the rotation is 50% of the battle, maybe a bit more. Having qui ...
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come check us out in Destiny [link]
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Folks! I apologize for my abrupt departure. Had to take a month off of gaming. Come see me when Destiny launches though! PS4 gamertag "Etherrocks" <3 darkspell
<3 y'all
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